A price on priceless

A price on priceless By JANET ZINK Published January 18, 2004 http://www.sptimes.com/2004/01/18/Hillsborough/A_price_on_priceless.shtml TAMPA – With their treasures protected by towels, bundled in bubble wrap and covered with paper, they came wondering. What’s it worth? When was it made? Is the family legend true? They were all participants Saturday in the most recent Antique Evaluation, hosted each month in the University … Read More

Out with the Old

Too much stuff cluttering up your life? De-accessioning experts explain how to divest yourself of everything from antique silver to a straying spouse. http://www.sarasotamagazine.com/Articles/Sarasota-Magazine/2007/01/Out-with-the-Old.asp


* Don’t do anything rash. If there’s a piece that has historical or sentimental value to your family and you don’t have room for it, see if someone else wants it. * If you plan to work with a professional, be sure to choose someone qualified and trustworthy. The appraiser should have no interest in buying or selling the items; only in … Read More

Don’t Put Grandma’s Matisse In A Garage Sale

By B.C. MANION The Tampa Tribune, Published: Sep 16, 2006 Source: certified appraiser Frances Redell-White, Appraisal & Consultant Services, Brandon Keep sentimental items in the family. Maybe a relative has died and left you a house full of furniture, knickknacks, china and clothing. Or you’ve just ended a decades-long marriage. The kids have moved out; you’re sick of your decor; … Read More